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Comprehensive Needs Assessment

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United Way of Kent County has undertaken the task of producing a Comprehensive  Needs Assessment, probably the first one of this scope done for Kent County. Our intention was not to reinvent the wheel, but to pull together existing date, fill in where data was sparse, and take a look at the needs and issues facing every demographic in Kent County with the goal of identifying gaps. The purpose, besides helping us to focus funding, was to have a current picture of the state of the County as a whole for the benefit of those seeking services and those seeking to provide them. Please read, use, and share this report as you think appropriate. It is public information and for the benefit of Kent County.
You will see that, while there are many issues that face our community, four major issues were identified as needing more and/or immediate attention. These are:

• Transportation – Lack of adequate transportation in the County to get folks to and from medical appointments, jobs and interviews, grocery shopping, etc.
• Multi-generational poverty – how to break the cycle
• Seniors – Lack of resources for programs & services, especially for those with limited income
• Lack of Resource Awareness

UWKC is currently exploring options for addressing Transportation by gathering together all the players, both public and private, to discuss the issue and by applying for an in depth transportation study of Kent County to be done by the Community Transportation Association of America. We hope to have the study and funding approved in the fall. We are also looking at ways we may be able to address the poverty issue in an impactful way, including funding a 16 week pilot program at Baywood Village aimed at helping people to help themselves out of the cycle of poverty. 211 is a governmental / United Way partnership nationwide, and UWKC is working with Maryland 211 to make existing Kent County resources more widely known and accessible. We will be keeping the public apprised of our progress on all these issues.
UWKC has presented this report to the Kent County Commissioners and to the Kent County Community Breakfast Group. Please feel free to download and share this document. We welcome feedback and look forward to hearing your opinion of the report.