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Get Involved

Behind everything we do, there are people like you who make it happen.

People like you get involved in all kinds of ways – big, small, but always important – to create change that lasts for children and families in our communities. Are you ready to plug into your community through United Way? Whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered.


Many people first get involved with United Way by volunteering. View our upcoming events for opportunities to get involved.


Your money supports some of the most significant agencies in the County which offer a variety of programs and services. Your dollars are well spent. United Way makes certain that Member Agencies are fiscally responsible and meeting genuine needs. United Way works hard to achieve its mission while keeping its own costs to a minimum. United Way of Kent County is well managed by a diverse, hard working Board of Directors. Designated contributions are sent directly to the Member Agency without United Way retaining fees. Your money makes a difference. United Way provides the most difficult funds for an organization to raise – administrative costs, scholarships, new program costs. Just ask our Member Agencies, they will tell you that United Way dollars make a difference.

View our donation page for more information.

Other Ways

Looking for other ways to get involved with United Way of Kent County? Send us a quick message and tell us what you have in mind!