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About Us

Your partner in creating lasting change in Kent County, Maryland

What We Do ...

United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.

We do this by LIVING UNITED. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And inspiring individuals to join the fight.

Our Mission

Our Board

Annual Report

Our Financials

Agency Screening

The mission of United Way of Kent County is to identify the human service needs of the community; promote member agency programs in an effort to increase public understanding and financial and volunteer support; solicit funds for these agencies by conducting an annual fund-raising campaign; and allocate these funds, giving emphasis to those agencies with programs that address community needs prioritized by the Board of Directors.

Our Vision Statement

United Way of Kent County works to improve the Health, Education and Financial Stability of Individuals and Families in Kent County.

United Way of Kent County believes that no one organization can change the conditions in our community. Rather we hold that building community partnerships and bringing together diverse stakeholders better equips us to address the root problems facing Kent County. As a result, United Way continues to focus on community partnerships as the most effective approach to problem solving.

Agencies applying for Membership status with the United Way of Kent County must:

  • Be Classified as a 501(c)3 agency by the Internal Revenue Service;
  • Provide direct services to residents of Kent County in the areas of Health, Education and Financial Stability, or address an area specified in the 2018 Comprehensive Needs Assessment;
  • Have all valid licenses and permits to provide such services;
  • Have good fiscal management with reasonable management and fundraising expenses (generally 25% or less of total support and revenue);
  • Be overseen by an active, independent Board of Directors who represent the community;
  • Agree to display the UWKC logo on their printed materials;
  • Refrain from major fundraising during the UWKC campaign;
  • And be up-to-date in the Maryland 211 database

Board Vetting Process

The Board of Directors of United Way of Kent County takes very seriously its role as good stewards of community donations. Allocating funds to local agencies is the most important job of the Board. Each Agency must complete an Allocation Application yearly, which includes the mission of the agency and the parameters of the programs within United Way’s Mission that UWKC is being asked to fund, financial statements, audits and 990, brochures and other relative materials, numbers of Kent County residents that will be served, and perceived impact on the community. The Allocation Committee reads each application, and a separate subcommittee reviews financials. Each agency participates in a 30 minute Allocation Interview with the Committee, at which time it can present and further explain its application. After all applications have been reviewed and applicants interviewed, the Committee meets to designate funds to each agency that meets the criteria, and decides how much that funding will be. All in all, the process takes about five months.

Glenn Wilson


Glenn brings a wealth of experience to the position, having served on the board of United Way in Howard County, Maryland and as the Board Chair of United Way of the Laurel Highlands in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He started his banking career in 1977, eventually landing in Kent County in 2015. He is President and CEO of the local Chesapeake Bank and Trust and can be seen conducting business downtown most days. Glenn lives in Chestertown with his wife, Diana.

Marty Knight

Vice President

As Vice President, he is slated to be the next President, beginning his term in March of 2020. Marty has been in business in Kent County as a financial advisor since 2005. He brings an expertise in helping donors with choosing contribution options that best fit their needs. Marty is a recent addition, having joined the Board in 2017. He lives with his family in Centreville.

Carol Droge

Past President

Carol has served on the United Way Board since 2013 in a number of capacities – from Co-chair of the Allocations Committee, to Secretary, to President, Carol has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, following a career in the corporate world. She and her husband, Mike are retired and live on the Sassafras River in northern Kent County.

Alison Libshitz


Alison joined the Board in 2015. She became Treasurer in 2017 and has enthusiastically overseen the financial health of United Way ever since. She is also Chair of the Finance Committee and does financial reviews of agency funding applications for the Allocations Committee. Alison came to Kent County with her husband, Herman from Philadelphia via Texas, where she spent her career at IBM. Retired now, she and Herman split time between Heron Point in Chestertown and Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.

Marilyn O. Parks


Marilyn has been with United Way since 2014. She took on the role of Secretary soon afterwards. Marilyn received her MFA, then taught at several institutions of higher learning, and currently makes her living as an Architectural Designer. She been active at her alma mater, Bucknell, serving on the board in the past. Locally she has been on the board at CRYCC. She and her husband, Bob live in Rock Hall, where their children and grandchildren visit frequently.

Jean Austin

Jean joined the Board in the fall of 2017. She has dived right in and become one of our most active new members, taking on the Chair of the Allocations Committee. Jean has years of non-profit experience that she has been generous about sharing with the Board. She has been instrumental in reviving the 211 system in Kent County. Jean has lived in Kent County for almost 25 years, but was drawn to Rock Hall for the sailing. She loves reading and literary discussions and gardening.

Thad Bench II

Thad is a lifelong resident of Kent County. He has been on the Board of United Way since 2017. He holds a degree in Economics and recently began working in the family business, Benchworks, with his father, Thad Sr. Thad enjoys sailing and other outdoor sports. He and his fiancée are planning a fall wedding.

Patti Dowling

Patti comes to us from Austin, Texas. When her husband Ralph became the CEO of a local bank, he brought Patti with him. She is Co-Chair of the Campaign committee, overseeing both the Annual Campaign and the Workplace Campaigns. Patti feels that the United Way’s wide reach and breadth of insight into the various needs of Kent County residents will help her make a meaningful contribution to the organization and the community. She and Ralph reside in Cliff City with their black lab, Jane Wayne.

Sarah Feyerherm

Sarah is the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Washington College and has been at the College since 1992 when she started in the Athletic Department coaching Field Hockey. She joined the United Way Board in 2015. She has been active in our fundraising efforts at the corporate level, and is the liaison with Washington College. Sarah resides in Chestertown with her wife, Penny Weintraub.

Nina Fleegle

Nina is another Washington College employee, working with alumni. She has extensive experience in fundraising and in social media, so she is a natural fit as the Chair of the Communications Committee. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, she was graduated from WC in 2006, has worked with the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps, and returned to Chestertown in 2012. She lives with her husband in Fairlee.

Creg Fleetwood

Creg has worked in the family business, FAM&M Insurance since 2003, becoming President in 2016. He was graduated from Kent County High and Washington College, where he was a two time Lacrosse All American. Creg joined the United Way Board in 2018. He lives with his wife, Jamie, and their children near Chestertown.

Mary Fisher

Mary, a Kent County native, is our senior Board Member, having served since 2010. She is a career educator both at Kent County High, and more recently at North Caroline High as Athletic Director. Mary is charged with the arrangement of United Way events such as the annual Kick-off in Fountain Park in September and the Volunteer Breakfast in April. She is also involved with Legacy Day through the Kent County Historical Society.

Bob Greenwald

Bob has lived in the Rock Hall area since 1990. He and his wife, Inki, have developed several successful business in that time and the couple is very active in the community. Bob has said he would like to make sure no child goes without a Christmas present and does his best to make it so. He came onto the Board in 2016, and has been active in gaining United Way more visibility in the County. He currently heads the United Way’s effort to address generational poverty in the County.

Elizabeth Gross

Elizabeth Gross, a Chestertown resident since 1999, brings a wealth of life experience. Her career as an oceanographer, was spent as Executive Director of the non-profit SCOR (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research). Since then, she has held many volunteer positions in the community including Treasurer for the National Music Festival, Good Neighbor Fund of the CVMA, and the Garfield Center. Liz was also involved in Foodlink, a food rescue program across the State of Maryland. She was elected to and served on the Chestertown Town Council from 2014-2018.

Bill Harr

Bill joined the board in 2018, and works at Dixon Valve & Coupling as Global Marketing Director. His professional background includes twenty-five years combined with two Fortune 100 companies. Bill’s closest experience with a nonprofit organization has been several years as a volunteer at the YMCA, and he is the face of United Way in addressing transportation issues in the County. He and his wife, Susan, have been living in Chestertown since 2011, and have three children who reside in the Los Angeles, California and London, England areas.

Trey Hill

Trey is a 2017 addition to the United Way Board. He is a lifelong resident of the county and runs a third generation farming operation using cutting edge techniques. He brings a fresh perspective to the Board, and his passion is feeding people. He and his wife Cheryl have three children.

Deidre LaMotte

Deidre stated her first Board term in April of 2018. She brings her many organizational skills from the corporate world of LaMotte Company. Dierdre is always willing to jump right in and lend a hand at any task she is asked, pitching in with the annual Campaign Kick-off in September and agreeing to be the Campaign Committee Chair. She has served the community on many levels over the years. She has lived in the County since 1986, and has raised three children here with her husband, David.

Sabina Minney

Sabina moved to Kent County in 2014. She currently tutors and substitute teaches in Kent County’s public and private schools. Sabina earned her MBA from Yale University. Her professional life in the financial world has prepared her to work with United Way finances. She joined the United Way Board in 2019. Sabina is an accomplished runner and can often be seen in the company of her Italian Greyhound, Piccola.

Ed Silver

Ed has been employed by the Kent County Board of Education for 28 years . He has served on the United Way board since early 2017. He is Co-Chair of the Communications Committee and is highly dedicated to the mission of United Way, He has been instrumental in engaging teachers, staff and school administrators with United Way of Kent County, to the benefit of County school children.

Beth Everett

Executive Director of United Way of Kent County

Beth is the only paid employee of United Way of Kent County. Her background is in architecture, but her favorite part of the job was interacting with people, so this is an ideal fit for her. She began her second career with United Way in 2013 and has found the non-profit world to be very gratifying. She lives in Queen Anne’s County with her husband of 32 years, and her dog, Lucy.

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