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United Way Honors its member agencies and volunteers of the year

United Way Honors its member agencies and volunteers of the year

Story and Photos by LEANN SCHENKE Apr 3, 2018

CHESTERTOWN — During United Way of Kent County’s annual breakfast, member agencies and volunteers of the year were honored for service to the community.
The breakfast was held Tuesday at Heron Point. During the meeting, Washington College President Kurt Landgraf was recognized for being a business partner with UWKC.
UWKC President Glenn Wilson said Landgraf, who previously served as chairman for United Way of Delaware, has raised Washington College’s contribution from $2,200 to $28,000.

Landgraf’s speech focused on remembering why it is important to volunteer, and why he is putting an effort into having Washington College contribute more to UWKC.
“United Way is not about money. It’s not. But you need the money. United Way is about humanity,” Landgraf said. “In this country now, I’m just very concerned that we are losing our mindset about humanity.”
He said to member agency volunteers that they may never know if they have just changed someone’s life, which is why it is so important to do be a volunteer.
“We need to remember that this isn’t about money. This is about caring about human beings,” Landgraf said.
Ralph Dowling, president and CEO of the Peoples Bank, and David Bowman, bank vice president, presented a check to UWKC for $5,400. The money was raised during a benefit dinner held at the Kitchen at the Imperial. Dowling cooked his “famous” paella for the event.
Wilson, who also is president of Chesapeake Bank and Trust, said UWKC asked Chesapeake Charities to lead a needs assessment study for the county.
He said the study found Kent County needs to improve transportation issues, generational poverty, low-income seniors and create a comprehensive resource database.
“We are not saying that all the other needs are not important,” Wilson said. “But these are areas that we think need more focus.”
Wilson said to jumpstart work on affordable transportation and generational poverty, Chesapeake Charities is going to hold roundtable discussion of a primary providers of transportation to brainstorm new ideas.
Wilson said UWKC is open to funding a proposal for improved transportation that might come out of the discussions.
“I’m very encouraged that we are going to get something going here,” Wilson said.
Wilson said UWKC also is considering adding new agencies to help address these issues.
Each organization nominated a volunteer of the year who was honored with a gift during the breakfast.
Receiving awards were:
• Roberta Brown, American Red Cross
• Bob Knapp, Big Brothers Big Sisters
• Judiann Biaco, Boy Scouts
• Kadeem Rochester, Character Counts! Kent County
• Betty Spence, Community Food Pantry
• Libby Tannahill, Community Mediation Upper Shore
• Amanda Fry, Echo Hill Outdoor School
• Carla Massoni, For All Seasons
• Sue Matthews, FiddleSticks! Youth Orchestra
• Shannon Hertz, Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay
• Warren Beaven, Good Neighbor Fund of the CVMA

• Kay MacIntosh, Horizons of Kent and Queen Anne’s
• Pat Kuhl, Kent Association of Riding Therapy
• Dr. Kevin Karpowicz, Kent County Care Foundation
• Sally Slack, Kent County Medical Adult Day Care Foundation
• Tracey Williams, Kent Forward
• Alpha Chi Omega at Washington College, Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence
• Paulina Panas, Playmakers Camp at the Garfield Center for the Arts
• Larry Wilson, Rebuilding Together Kent County
• Scott Ranney, Rock Hall Yacht Club Sailing School Scholarship Program
• Dave May, Saint Martin’s Ministries
• Diana Wilson, Samaritan Group
• David Waters, United Needs and Abilities
Newly elected directors of UWKC included Jean Austin, Thad Bench III and Nina Fleegle. Re-elected directors included Sarah Feyerherm, Barbara Foster and Alison Libshitz.
Additionally, newly appointed directors serving a one-year term included Bill Harr, Trey Hill and Marty Knight. Appointed directors serving a two-year term included Creg Fleetwood and Deidre LaMotte.