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Kent County Transportation Survey Underway

Kent County Transportation Survey Underway

The Kent County Transportation Task Force is asking all residents to complete and return a brief survey about the need for additional public transportation options. The survey is being mailed with the water and sewer bills sent out by the County and the Towns of Betterton, Galena, and Millington in early October. For residents in Rock Hall and Chestertown, or those who don’t receive a water or sewer bill, the survey can be completed online at:
The survey will ask a few questions about the need for public transportation in Kent County. The survey results will be shared to inform decision makers on transportation concerns for Kent County residents and to identify opportunities to cooperate and expand the existing bus routes and ridership with employers, workers and those who would support using the system over their personal cars.
“We have been hearing about the need for additional public transportation options, particularly during evening and weekend hours and in more rural parts of Kent County, but we need actual data to determine where the greatest need exists,” commented Linda Kohler, Executive Director of Chesapeake Charities who will be collecting the data. “Once we know how many people need additional public transportation options, and when and where they need to travel, we can start to address the problem.”
The Kent County Transportation Task Force encourages all residents to respond to the survey so the Task Force can learn more about the transportation needs of its citizens.
The Upper Shore Region (Kent, Talbot and Caroline Counties) is due for a Transit Development Plan update in 2020 by the state of Maryland. The Transit Development Plan will assess the transportation needs for the region and determine resource allocation. The Kent County Transportation Task Force is working in advance of this study to provide a foundation for understanding the complex challenges for rural public access transportation for residents, and to improve their access to employment opportunities in the region.
The United Way of Kent County partnered with Chesapeake Charities to provide a Comprehensive Needs Assessment to identify areas in the community where needs are not being adequately met. Affordable transportation access was one of four areas identified. Based on the assessment, The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) developed a report, “Addressing Workforce Transportation Challenges in Kent County” published in the Community Transportation Reader on April 01, 2019 by Alex King. The CTAA report identified actionable items that are now being addressed through the Transportation Task Force, chaired by Mr. Glenn Wilson and the United Way. The CTAA Report notes, “Despite the existence of a number of providers, many community residents view the current system as fragmented and failing to meet the needs of county residents… As a result, both potential employees and county employers face challenges around aspects like covering third shift workers and reaching rotating job sites.” For more information contact: The United Way of Kent County.