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United Way of Kent County meets it's 2018-19 Campaign Goal

United Way of Kent County meets it's 2018-19 Campaign Goal

United Way of Kent County is pleased to report that its 2018-2019 campaign has reached it’s goal of $225,000.

UWKC Board President Glenn Wilson and Campaign Chair Patti Dowling thank all those donors who have contributed so generously. However, they note that even if the campaign’s dollar goal is achieved, not all of the pressing needs of the community will be met. They comment that particularly critical at this time are the needs addressed by United Way member agencies that provide summer programming and utility relief in the unrelenting heat Kent County has faced recently. Additionally, the on-going needs for mediation, the disabled, mental health and Seniors do not take the summer off.

Contributions through payroll deduction at one’s place of work have been a growing component of the campaign, and Wilson expresses his appreciation to those local companies who have worked with UWKC to facilitate year-round giving. Wilson notes “A programmed donation of five or ten dollars per paycheck is an amount that most employees will discover is a very easy and painless way to support the services of our member agencies.”

The goal for the 2019-20 campaign, which kicks off on First Friday, September 6, 2019, is $235,000. Donations may be made by check to “United Way of Kent County” at P.O. Box 594, Chestertown, MD, 21620, or through the UWKC website, The website has full descriptions of each Member Agency’s programs and provides links to each of the agencies.