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June 29, 2010

United Way of Kent County benefits from "Living United" fund raising Event Campaign

Barrie Frazier, United Way of Kent County
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United Way has picked up on an idea for a fundraising event campaign that hopefully will become contagious...to keep Kent County the great place it is to live, we all need to "Live United". How is United Way doing this? Well, it is partnering with businesses and organizations who create a unique fundraising event that benefits the United Way Member agencies. "It's a great way to promote your organization..." says Tom Beckett, United Way Board President. "Our second, June 12th event, was a Vineyard Walk fundraiser created by Judy and Roy Crow of Crow Farm. It raised over $2,000.00 and was quite a talked about event...the Crows even orchestrated a welcoming symphony of cow moos upon guest arrival that night!".

And this adventurous fundraising campaign keeps unfolding new chapters...the third fundraiser held at Millington's Two Tree Restaurant, was a unique wine pairing dinner featuring Chef Brian Carter, wine selections by Jack Schaffer, and the music of Stefan Xhori. As Tom Beckett noted the evening of the June 29th event: "Not only are you supporting a worthwhile charitable event this evening, but also many of us are becoming acquainted with an impressive new business in Millington… an unpretentious restaurant in a wonderful town with a growing reputation for excellent cuisine." Special thanks was given to Dennis Hager, the owner of Two Trees and Maryland Massey for presenting the event idea to the United Way board and most of all for making the event happen.

Beckett reminded guests that their support could come at no better time...Beckett commented "Last year at this time, we committed over $120,000 to support 19 charities that have qualified as member agencies in Kent County. That commitment was made before we collected a dime in contributions. You see, our campaign begins on September of each year. So far this year, contributions have lagged behind our goal by nearly 20%. This has not been a good year for most charities in the county, and not just United Way. We hope to make up some of the deficit by the end of our fiscal year, in part through events like this one tonight. Please appreciate that United Way has a single-minded goal—that is to never fail to honor the commitment we make to each member agency, no matter what happens. We will do so this year. Early this month, our allocations committee of six board members spent a week meeting with each of our 19 member agencies. We spent about an hour and a half with each organization, and we focused on their needs, which are increasing, and their overall funding, which is not. We have had to make some difficult choices, but we believe we have made allocations that focus and support organizations that make a difference right here in Kent County, helping the homeless and the abused and families that need help to feed their children. We also focus on the need of our children by supporting educational programs in Kent County that support character development, educational enrichment, and programs for the developmentally or physically disabled to develop self-sufficiency."


To donate or to learn more about United Way of Kent County special "Live United" fund-raising events visit www.unitedwayofkentcounty.org,
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Vineyard Walk Fundraiser at Crow Farm

Brandon Hoy, Vineyard Manager gives tour of Crow Farm vineyard Tom Beckett, United Way Board President, addresses Crow Farm guests

photo left: Brandon Hoy, Vineyard Manager gives tour of Crow Farm vineyard
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photo right: Tom Beckett, United Way Board President addresses Crow Farm guests
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Guests,  Barry Deemer and Brenda Hardesty Barrie Frazier, center, Executive Director United Way

photo left: Guests, Barry Deemer and Brenda Hardesty
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photo right: Barrie Frazier, center, Executive Director United Way
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Two Trees Special Wine Pairing Dinner

Joe Dolce, Imperial Hotel conducts a special United Way wine tasting Live United Wine Tasting

photo left: Dennis Hager, Two Trees Restaurant owner, serves one of the course wine pairings
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photo right: Jack Schaffer presents the wine selections
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